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Vineyards, a park, a pond... A magical place!


All that was missing was a reception room for the Domaine des Palais to become the essential venue for your events: weddings, birthdays, baptisms or seminars!

120 seats | 6000 m² park

View of the wine estate and the village of Ambierle | Accessible for disabled people


Formerly a large roof with a wooden frame and stone walls, the room has kept its original appearance: the west facade was rebuilt with a wooden frame for the exterior and vat wood cladding on the interior. A modern touch on the walls with vine-themed colors allows you to appreciate the mix of styles.



A small passage allows access to the vaulted cellar where our wines are aged in oak barrels.

You will also appreciate the park in the evening where bright ambiances allow you to enjoy the small woods and the tower.

Our proximity to the village allows access to it without leaving the estate, passing through the vineyards, a village of character famous for its priory church and its 12th century altarpiece.

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